Manuscript Screening

All authors should follow manuscript preparation format (including the template) before doing submission,
please download the Template, the following Table provides a brief manuscript requirement:



3-25 words 



200-300 words



3-6 phrases (Alphabetical Arrangement)

Article’s Body


3500-18.000 words (excluded references)

Citation’s Format


APA Citation format (Mendeley Referencing tool is a must)



Minimum 20 online references (last 10 years)

Plagiarism Policy


Similarity should be > 30%



Written in good Indonesian or English

All manuscripts which don’t meet the above requirements standard will be evaluated or rejected by Editor in Chief
before stepping to Review Process. Editor in Chief has a role to asses submitted manuscript under four kind of decisions:

  • Accepted, as it is
  • Accepted by Minor Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  • Accepted by Major Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  • Rejected (generally, on grounds of outside of scope and aim, major technical
    description problems, lack of clarity of presentation)